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  • 30 minuti
  • 50 US dollars
  • Phone, social media platform, or video meeting.

Descrizione del servizio

As a Mindset Coach and for deep sustainable change to happen, I assist my clients in breaking through the blocks that keep them stuck. Scientists have discovered that the brain is capable of creating new neural pathways. Scientists call this quality “neuroplasticity.” An extremely powerful tool for individuals who are dissatisfied with particular aspects of their lives, or for people who want to strengthen their leadership abilities and continue to learn, grow, and evolve. Based on Three Spiritual Laws. Everything Begins with You (Change yourself and your world changes) As within, so without (Whatever you think about, comes about) Buried Emotions Never Die (Clear out old entangled emotions and live a healthier longer life of passion and energy) I support my clients in bringing their thoughts and actions into alignment with their personal truths. Research has shown that people who uphold a positive mental attitude are healthier, develop better coping skills, feel more masterful about themselves and tend to live longer and happier lives. Make your inner world strong. It will help bring forth your best self and strengthen all areas of your life.

Regole di annullamento

If you feel like I could not help you in any way, I'll say you didn't put effort in because with anything its 80% strategy and 20% physical.

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